If The Revolution Comes Knocking

Fallen Matthew Most of you folks griping about “white feminism” and how ain’t shit the march was are the same who abide vanity projects of your own and emulate notoriously ineffective, indulgent behaviours. Becky is wack af “turning out” to snap pussy hat selfies underlain with Harry Potter quotes and naïve idealism founded in fact … Continue reading If The Revolution Comes Knocking


The White Feminist Hustle

Dear Wh*te Feminists (TM): That quote you love? You know the one, Madeline Albright "there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other" Yeah, that one. You know she's talking about you right? You who don't give a s**t until it's your lily wh*te a** on the line. You who haven't … Continue reading The White Feminist Hustle