Mayim Bialik is a damn liar.

Mayim Bialik is the worst type of feminist. The type who pretends that being modest is a shield, the type who pretends that not being conventionally attractive makes you safe. The type who pretends rape myths don't exist, or that you can behave your way out of sexual assault. Bilaik recently wrote a New York … Continue reading Mayim Bialik is a damn liar.


11 Myths About Bisexuality that I’m Tired of Hearing


It’s Bi month/week/day. I decided to write something. For context here’s my piece for Black Girl Dangerous last year.

         One of my favorite times of the year is September 23rd aka Bi Visibility Day. As a black bisexual woman, I do get excited for Bi Visibility Day, with all the bisexuals oozing with pride on and offline. For the rest of the year, I still struggle with feeling unwelcome in LGBTQIA spaces. Often times, bisexuality feels like a taboo topic in conversations about LGBTQIA identities or the conversation is riddled with stereotypes and misconceptions, which I find exhausting to dispute. So, this list came about because I am tired of hashing and rehashing the many myths and stereotypes about bisexuality with family, friends, colleagues and the rest of the internet.

I’m tired of bisexuality being treated like it’s is less valid than identifying as straight or…

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Maybe it’s gun control… or maybe it’s just racism.

I'm really over folks with bad takes talking about gun control policy right now. I get it. The Las Vegas shooting just happened. The body count is still mounting. Gun violence is a problem. We need to change it.  That being said, modeling some of the more restrictive policies from other countries is not a … Continue reading Maybe it’s gun control… or maybe it’s just racism.