It’s A Net Thang Mayne

Concepts like democracy, #NetNeutrality, equality, etc. die in complacent societies. That is, if they ever truly existed.

Because, I have to wonder how many peoples & products would’ve blown up if it weren’t for free access. Can we honestly say content is seen, shared, sold, & supported indiscriminately in the economy of free access?

I mean, #NetNeutrality is being repealed in spite of itself. Lives are saved, info is spread, connections are made, etc. but to what & whose avail? Like, even with it, we ended up here.

& I keep hearing “Well, we’ve got a year to change/stop this!” from folks still down for the cause; but I honestly wonder what anybody can hope accomplish.

You’ve got a year to stop/change this #NetNeutrality repeal, yet you’ve had your whole lives to make impactful differences within yourselves or communities & we still managed to end up like…THIS.

It’s like some whole futurist, dystopian level stuff or straight outta Black Mirror. Remember that episode “Fifteen Million Merits”? What about “Nosedive”? Do ‘patriotic’ veterans or soldiers think of pop culture & media, then get chills over “Men Against Fire”?

FTR I’m using these episodes as references because I don’t how best to articulate these parallels otherwise. I love Black Mirror because it’s not stranger than fiction. As a sociologist, it resonates with stuff I’ve seen, spoken on, studied, & suspected. Past, present, & future.

Similar to The Twilight Zone & The Outer Limits. It never ceases to amaze me how folks can watch, even stan these series yet fail to grasp parallels. Like, people promptly trended the hashtag “DeathTo” after watching “Hated in the Nation.” wtf?

So, I guess I’m kinda numb. #NetNeutrality is great in theoretically affording voices to the voiceless & education, but I have to wonder if that makes a difference re: populism, platform, wilful ignorance, & general misguidance or misdirection.

Like, what good is the “giving a voice to the voiceless” if you’re relegated to white noise in contrast to amplified, trite talking heads? What difference does it make if the 1% & ignoble nonetheless prosper, unperturbed?

Like, what are y’all really finna do with your #NetNeutrality as it stands? & like I said before, what have you done & to what/whose ends? I’m grateful for relief & the amazing connections I’ve made, but I’m also painfully aware I’m disposable as a user.

& that this disposability isn’t exceptional, but rather enforced by a selective solidarity & spotlight—upon which #NetNeutrality hasn’t had much bearing. I could die tomorrow & nobody would care. Same for you. Not the case for celebrities or platformed profiteers.

For me, #NetNeutrality is just another one of those things that when carefully considered, elucidates that freedom isn’t actually free or emancipatory. Power to the people, yet what of these people?

People who see fit to trend a sobbing saltine & drop 60 g’s, no questions asked? People who liken mayo mediocrity & lite-brite faves as epitomes of allyship or heralds of revolution? People keener to stan celebs than ride for one another in realtime?

idk, mayne.


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