The White Feminist Hustle

Dear Wh*te Feminists (TM):

That quote you love? You know the one, Madeline Albright “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”

Yeah, that one.

You know she’s talking about you right?

You who don’t give a s**t until it’s your lily wh*te a** on the line.

You who haven’t shown up for bl*ck, POC, queer, and trans women, and left all of us wondering in the wake of the Women’s March: “where the f**k have you been”.

You who cling to capitalism and deny the humanity of sex workers, who vilify the poor, and ignore those with disabilities, and who don’t give a s**t about healthcare until your *private* insurance is threatening to cut women’s health coverage.

You who use “intersectionality” as a buzz word all the while creating an inverted higherarchy that gives you a seat at the table to “lean in” to while leaving the rest of us to rot.

You who discount and dismiss race, and sexuality, and poverty, and ableism, and sex worker rights as “conversations for another time”

Yea, you’re the Devil’s handmaids that she’s talking about.

***UPDATE: language in this post has been edited by request to make it more “shareable” by those who risk censorship on social media platforms.***

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Lisa Loco
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Studies Psychology at Old Dominion University

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