The Feminization Of The Black Male

William J Jackson
Image may contain: one or more people, sunglasses and closeup

Either it doesn’t exist or it’s the being run by the least competent conspiracy group ever.

They’ve had over 500 years to complete this project.

Did they just wait until it was due and glue some popsicle sticks to construction paper and turn it in???

They had the chattel slavery years.
Jim Crow.
War On Drugs.
Prison industrial complex.
They still have segregation and apartheid.
The medical field.

Why do masculine Bl*ck Males still exist?

The project should be completed by now.
We should have been bred out and extinquished by now.

Who is asleep at the wheel on this???

Or maybe,
Just maybe.
It’s something made up by Bl*ck conservatives that are the ideological equal opposite of the Tea Party/John Birch Society/ Neocons/ Alt Right.


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