I was talking with the homey a couple hours ago.

This came up. Reparations must be expanded beyond Southern plantation labor. It needs to involve the full fruits of it up to today. We should own Universities built on Slave Labor. We should decide what happens with prisons that still use Slave Labor RIGHT NOW. European Immigrants the benefited from wh*te supremacy owe us a FAT CHECK.

We need reparations for our lack of consent in being talking points for prohibition. Jim Crow. War On Drugs. Wage theft at low level corporate jobs. For how banks treat us. For every instance of wh*te flight and gentrification.

Bl*ck Women need those reparations for how Asians got paper off Misogynoir. Environmental racism. Lead paint. Lead water. Murdering, rapist, extortionist street cops. For every lynching.

For every bill/law that had a targeted affect. For what was done to organizations like Move and the Panthers for Self Defense. For every wack public defender and plea deal. etc.. etc… etc…

hell… I need reparations for bringing ad revenue to this website with my content.



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