—trigger warning—

They are liars.

They knew there was damage to the Ozone layer.
They knew there was global warming.
They know there’s climate change.
They know waste water storage cause capitalism made earthquakes.


They know a fetus isn’t a person.
They know a conception isn’t a fully grown adult making positive contributions to the species.


That’s why those same Forced Birthers are also Pro Death Penalty.

That particular crowd is a group of Sadists.
Not hyperbole.
That’s what they are. Sadists.

They want folks to be punished/harmed because they enjoy it.
That’s why they also celebrate rapist, killer cops.
Seeing other humans harmed/murdered is their thing.
It’s what they’re into.

They know the ownership class has more than enough access to resources.

They just like seeing the systemically impoverished suffer because it’s awesome to them.

If they weren’t this sh*t would have stopped at feudalism.

They are not “debating” in good faith. That’s why they chuckle and smirk. That’s why they just brush off or pretend to deny verifiable facts and evidence.

In the moment that they are “debating” you, they are enjoying the fact that they are stealing your time.

Time that could go to defeating them politically, economically, or physically (punching nazis).

Yes. There are those who are actually ignorant, by the definition of the word.

Those that are not, lie publicly to us in these “debates” to reinforce the talking points for the ignorant.

They know the facts.
They have the information.

The difference between them having the facts and us having the facts is that it’s good news to them and it let’s them know that the SYSTEM IS WORKING.

To Kill, Steal, And Destroy.

William J Jackson – For Wine Cellar Media.

Peace. And please be as safe as possible wherever you are.


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