Why aren’t you talking about Sex Workers Rights?

Pro Labor but quiet on Sex Workers Rights.

Pro Union but quiet on Sex Workers Rights.

Pro safe working conditions but quiet on Sex Workers Rights.

Pro police reform but quiet on Sex Workers Rights.

Folks would rather Sex Workers get out and be min’ wage at a restaurant where they are sexually assaulted and coerced there.

Where the uniform and service style is “Skin and Grin”, but quiet on Sex Workers Rights.

Your deal is that you are pro capitalist caste system authoritarianism. You want sex work to be controlled by the ownership class instead of these individual labors controlling their own means of production.

You have your favorite pornography website, because you’re comfortable with sex work as long as it’s documented for anybody to archive and play back whenever they feel like it.

And at the same time you pretend to be Pro Privacy, huh?

You’re okay with the Bunny Ranch but not with the Adult Services on Craigslist or Backpage.

Do you have the smidgen of courage it would take to state that you are Pro Sex Workers Rights on your little facebook page?
A Blog?
A Podcast?

Backpage just got shut down.
Brothels just got raided.
Street workers are next.
Private prison stock went up in November.

Where is your voice on it?

You’ve made more than enough noise posts about Russia hacking.
We get it. You’re still bitter and whiney about Bernie Sanders.
You have nothing to say about Republicans that we don’t already know.

You have nothing to say about the “alt right” that isn’t being said everyday in mainstream media.

How “progressive” and “grown” are you if you’re too f*^()in’ squeemish to say S E X workers.


Human beings that are forced to exist in capitalism are being hand cuffed and carted off to a rape cage to be released as registered SEX OFFENDERS need other people to speak up.

Sex workers can’t speak up because it’s self incriminating.

You have your little tacky *ss Pant Suit Nation, and turn your nose up labor that involves pulling down Pants to service a Suit in this “Nation”.

If after reading this post, you still can’t stand up, then at least you know in your own mind that YOU ARE A COWARD THAT IS COMFORTABLE WITH THE OPPRESSIVE STATUS QUO.

You are a weak little mushy pile of fleshy nothingness.
You should put on a “Keep America Great” hat because you know that deep down in places that won’t talk about in your cozy echo chamber, you THINK SEX WORKERS DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED.

Deserve to be punished because you pretend that these services are dirty to you. You pretend that’s it’s immoral. You pretend that it’s a “crime”. THAT SOMEHOW THE CLIENT IS A VICTIM OF AN ORGASM.

You shouldn’t even follow my page anymore if you’re that person.
You should block me and log out.

Then login to your pornography website of choice and angrily release yourself to a video of what you’re comfortable seeing HUMAN BEINGS ARRESTED AND CAGED FOR DOING WITHOUT A CAMERA PRESENT.



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