Phoenix Calida’s Prediction On The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is finished. It’s splintered beyond repair, the left is fractured af.

What will happen next-

There will be a leftist version of the tea party. Dems will go from being seen as “snobby liberal elites” to being anti intellectual echo chamber knuckle draggers. Everything that is the stereotype of the “poor, ignorant, red neck” will be the new face of the Democratic Party. They’ll just be wearing khakis instead of confederate flags.

There will be an uptick in racism, homophobia, and sexism in the ranks. There will be an explosion in conspiracy theories, and violent “activism”

Essentially the Democratic Party is about to become the liberal equivalent Alex jones fans.
No critical analysis
No life outside echo chambers
Poverty shaming
Conspiracy theories
Rabid allegiance to the new party leaders

It’s going to be bad.


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