Milk & Juice

My 8 year old stepson is spoiled by his adoptive grandparents.

It cracked me up to see an example of this when he spilled his orange drink on the floor, and put the cup by the sink and sat back down over the puddle.

I don’t trip though.

I grab a towel from the storage closet, wet one end and tell him how to clean it up.


Ya see, he just left a very patriarchal household and he sees me as the new (cool) adult male and almost everything I do is cool.

Use The Privilege For Good.

So I laugh and have him clean up his mess and stay cool about it.

Yelling and bugging out can make him scared.
It can make him afraid of making mistakes and hiding from them instead of learning from them.

On the first episode of the Mean Old Negro Man program, I said that “Kids need good adults”.

Kids also need relaxed, patient adults.

I wake up in the morning, expecting the boy the make errors and I stay ready to roll with it and work with him.

And when he’s an adult, that will be normal to him, when he is responsible for caring for and teaching a child, and that child will carry that forward.

Let’s make society better.
By being patient and working with children.

It’s not just about teaching them not to cry over spilled milk.

We don’t need to yell over spilled juice.


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