Phoenix Calida On The Uselessness Of The Donald Trump Statues

I don’t get the trump statues.

His physical state isn’t the problem. His xenophobia and racism and misogyny are the problem.

Would it somehow be better if he was In shape and pretty when he calls women disgusting pigs?

If he was a sweet charming man would it be ok if he wanted to ban Muslims?

If he was a personal trainer with a 6 pack is it cool he wants to build a wall to keep “illegals” out?

There’s a lot Wrong with trump and his back fat isn’t it.

And it worries me on a larger level too, because we tend to ignore abuses if we like the person doing the abusing.

Johnny depp is cute and therefore can’t be a wife beater.

That playboy model was hot, so it was funny when she shared pics of the woman in the gym.

Bill Cosby is endearing and fatherly, so he can’t be a rapist.

R kelly is sexy and cute, he can’t abuse children.

The Stanford has charming boyish good looks, are we sure it was rape?

Ryan lochte is a charming accomplished young man, how bad can his shenanigans be?

Let’s focus on the real issues, ok? Racism. Xenophobia. Islamophobia. Sexism. A rigged politcal system holding us hostage. Fascism.
Not juvenile jokes about what trumps gentials looks like or jokes about how ugly he looks.


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