The Obama Daughters Will Never Be Free

Ever since November 2008, I’ve been worried about Sasha and Mahlia and the privacy they will NEVER have.

I’ve mostly talked about this on the podcast, but it’s always bugged me that Barack just had to be president so bad that he was okay with the fact that it would make his daughters and wife famous and specific targets of Wh*te supremacy.

This video tape of the reefer smoking is just one small thing. One of them is about to go to college and this is nowhere near the end of Wh*te supremacists GAINING THEIR TRUST AND SNEAKING VIDEO OF THEM.

It is very important to those that wish to victimize them that the now poster girls of Bl*ack women and girls not “knowing their place” be taking down and put back in that place.

The daughters of visually perfect Bl*ck family that moved into their Wh*te House and took their country away from them will be under attack fro the rest of their lives.

Get ready for it to be a lot worse.


This would have been a post on that page I used to have, but it gets mass reported and taken down every time I try to make it exist again.


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