Cut From The Penis Draft – By Phoenix Calida.

Was asked by a “regular guy” to explain why women hate unsolicited d*ck pics.


basically it’s because you’re offering services nobody wants. Worse yet, you’re desperately offering services nobody even asked for. You’re like the mediocre, small town farm kid who shows up at professional open tryouts trying to make the cut. Nobody knows you, nobody wants you, nobody likes you.

Your life isn’t some movie, you’re not going to be the exception, you’re not trying out for a walk on role as the “man who had such a nice penis, she bought her own wedding ring, made him a plate, and brought her best head game on sight”

Team leadership already has ideas of who they want on their team and what positions need to be filled. They have already made their interest known to the draft picks and potential starters. They want Mvps and championships, not a trading card calendar of your penis in the bathroom through the seasons. The coaches and a managers aren’t impressed with you.
They don’t want you, smallville.

Basically, neither you nor your d*ck should ever show up unless you been summoned.


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