Dear Timothy Bradford (AKA Phade Wayze) : Congratulations.

Dear Timothy Bradford.

You did it.
You’ve achieved untouchable status.
You saw online and in proximity, activist and discussion communities and learned how to work the room.

You’re presentation represents the patriarchal values and images that we’ve been socialized to accept and expect as the norm.

You came in as the 3rd EyE sighted intersectional hotep that these circles weren’t ready for and were skeptical of at first, but you won hearts and minds.

And the strength of the effort you’ve been putting into your image has been put to the test and you passed.  When a victim of your abuse spoke up, marginalized people called her a “dumb b*tch” and everything else but a person who should be listened to.

Even when you… (privately) posted evidence that you’re an abuser, your audience looked at this evidence and further blamed your victim for somehow victimizing you.  Wow!!!

We must also tip our collective hats at your strategic move to preemptively declare yourself non-binary and femme so that anytime a person was passionately addressing the issue that recently came up, it could be derailed by one of your loyal followers, accusing them of mis-gendering you.  Brilliant!!!

It is amazing how you’ve made people use the same line of conventional wisdom to defend you that goes into defending Bill Cosby and R-Kelly.

So pop a bottle Big Tim and proudly celebrate to yourself… “Eye DID IT!!!!”.

And make sure to have on that Rekia Boyd shirt when you do it.
Because Image Is Everything… Ain’t it???

—–Social Dissonance—–
———The Staff——–


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