They Want To Be Victims Of Racism.

We’ve been joking around and talking a lot of sh*t.
We’ve also had some serious conversations and analysis.

But let’s not forget that White Supermacy and White Privilege exist.

Don’t be surprised when folks start actually getting reported and banned for “racially charged use” of the term/name/”slur”, ‪#‎Becky‬

Or further down the line when the boss pulls you in the office to explain to why saying “Becky” is racist and you need to apologize because you’re being offensive. .

Don’t doubt for a second that there are white adults telling their white children right now that “Becky is racist” and if a Black kid at school calls them that or says it, they need to tell a teacher that the Black kid is being racist to them.

Who do you think the teacher is going to side with?


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