FAQ – Part 1 – Fear Of The Femme

FAQ (Freequent A*s Quessions)
Part 1.

Quite often, the question comes up in more or less words.

Folks want to know why so much of my content is centered around Misogynoir, Transphobia, Femmes, rape culture.

This will be the beginning of the answer to many questions.
My biological mother.

She introduced me to conversations and around the issue of colorism.
She didn’t teach me that effeminate cis men were bad.female rome models

She also let me naturally gravitate to being a fan of women and didn’t attempt to guide me in one direction or another.

I was free to move the coffee table out of the way and dance around the living room, to Chaka Khan, Queen Latifa, Salt N Pepa, En Vogue etc… and yes, White pop music too.

When the Batman Returns movie hit theaters and we went to see it, of course merch’ was being sold out in the lobby after the film ended.

Other boys went with Batman, Joker, and Penguin…
Alright… That’s cool.

I wanted the Cat Woman shirt.
And without hesitation, my mother got me the Cat Woman shirt because that was the character I understood and identified with.

And this was what it was like with my biological mother and because I was allowed to gravitate to whatever I liked, that was my normal, so as time went on and I ventured into the masculine world of Teenage Boyhood, If I preferred to play the fighting video game with a female character or something like that and the other boys tried to clown me, I wasn’t embarrassed.
I thought they were weird for not understand that a dope character is a dope character.

If you are a parent of a child that to your knowledge is a cis boy, let him be a fan of who and what impresses him.

It’s better for him and it’s better for the society that you will eventually have to let him be an autonomous individual in.

William J Jackson.
Wine Cellar Entertainment.



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