Somethin’ In Commonn fits in the Black household like a Bell Biv Devoe tape. It feels good. It vibes. If you’re making a meal or doing chores.Toss it on when you’re having a beverage on the porch. It doesn’t matter. When it’s playing, you’re actually hanging out with your friends, Kimberly and Michael.
Kimberly is the political nerd with a photographic memory that works quite well when it comes to delivering unscripted monologues. She moves between politics & policy to popular culture and morality with blends the segments with a skill and ease that makes the program smooth and cohesive.
Michael knows his way around production and engineering while also introducing segments and giving Kimberly topics and opening commentary to bounce off of. It all comes together and when it ends, you want to demand another episode tomorrow instead of waiting for next week.
BlackWashed. takes more of a hardcore turn. Even the opening music sounds like a mid 90’s East Coast rapper is about to kick a freestyle.
The squad of 4 introduces themselves and immediately, they go in. The commentary is raw and captivating.
Collectively, they truly are unique and over the years they won’t be compared to others.
The audience will find themselves comparing BlackWashed episodes from 2018 to episodes from 2015.
The Ferguson Response Network.
When you take an emotionally available political nerd like Ricky from Americans United Again.
And you dare to pair him with Passionate, Womanist, Activist like Leslie Mac from the Interracial Jawn program….
You get a veritable Blackanalia of Blacktivity in an undeniable Blackorama of Colorfied Blackness.
They take you to Church.
They take you to the march.
They take you to the State House.
And back to the community.
This is the program that gets you pumped up to change the world.
Single Simulcast
Folks who saw my post about Rashanii and this program already know what I think, but it’s been a year and Rashanii and the program have evolved and grown.
I f*cking love his approach to Social Justice issues.
He’s still funny as sh*t. He’s passionate and cares about his fellow human beings.
At the same time, he’s still the big homey from the hood and speaks on it in a way that I think would be great for the young locs on the block to hear.
He has a natural, unimposing leadership quality that he doesn’t need to wave around to get folks to follow him.
F*ck Cliff Huxtable.
Rashanii is America’s Black Dad.
First off…
He actually exists.
He speaks directly to his homeboys about Misogynoir and rape culture.
Third off
He functions as an example against Toxic Masculinity with the young boys on the basket ball teams he coaches.
If a boy is hurt, he provides that boy the room and space to be hurt and heal.
He isn’t on that “toughen up” or “walk it off” bullsh*t.
And the show is a fully produced experience of Personal Journaling, News & Comment, Correlating Music, Interesting guests, Comedy Sketches and shout outs.
Get up on it.

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