Announcement. We are set to begin building our website

Moving forward as content creators.

Thank you for your support.

Many of you share our content from our Wine Cellar subsidiaries and signal boost the information and commentary.

Thank you to the folks who sign up for monthly monetary contributions and the folks who go straight to the paypal.

This month, we are diverting the funding from the 2 hour broadcasts and moving toward building the website.

With our own site, we won’t have to worry about these social networks deleting our content, and/or banning us at will. Due to it being payed for by the people, it will be for the people.


Our subsidiaries will be in tabs on the websites and we will link the content to the social networking pages that we already have in place for them.

Misogynoir will still go directly to the MIsogynoir Exposed page.

Analysis and Opinion will still go to the Social Dissonance. A Critical Analysis Of Justice page.

Straight news with no comment will still go to the Father Teresa’s Wine Cellar News page.

Straight up comedy and goofing around will dropped right on the White On White Crime page.

Phoenix Calida‘s particular interests, news and comment will still go to theReading in the Shade page.


So what happens to the broadcast/podcast???

April 4th, we will not renew the premium subscription and it will go back to being 30 minutes live to tape with the option of an extra 15 minutes after the live feed ends.

So we’ll be doing 2 news stories per episode with one topic to discuss.

We really appreciate the monetary support for the life sacrifice and labor that goes into creating the content.

Show prep is a minimum of three hours.
1. It includes reading (in full) between 25 and 30 articles a day.
2. Downloading and aggregating audio news briefs.
3. Previewing mainstream media news bites for analysis and critique.
4. Outlining a monologue.
5. Pre-Producing a 10 minute show opener, which includes audio engineering and converting files anywhere from 20mb to 300mb.
6. Further researching historical context to better explain the stories of the day.


The projected goal is to have the site up and running on May 1.

Most likely we’ll be done before then, but we don’t want to rush this and do something sloppy and half @ssed.

Thanks to you all, my little idea of being a full time content creator is coming true step by step.

From when I put together a Father Teresa costume and declared myself the Greatest Black Atheist in 2012 all the way up to my fiance and I being the Fergusonian Negrotarians today.


Thank you.
You’ve had just as much to do with this than I.
It’s not just your monetary and social network sharing support.

I also read your posts and you keep me informed and influence what I do.
I’ve improved because of you.

So it’s very important for me, for you, FOR US, that you grow at your own pace and speak your truth as you know it to be true.




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