Epidemic of Black Women Speaking Their Minds

It happened again.

Without the Godlee, E-Jipshun approval of a Kang, another Black Woman has taken to social media in an effort to use her own personal account as some sort of platform for her thoughts, opinions n’ sh*t.

In this particular Instance, this royalty traitor would dare push back against the assertion put forth by a Black Manlee Man on the subject of physical fitness.

It shouldn’t matter that this Sun Kissed Leader Of Affrikaa is running on roughly 3 percent body muscle and hasn’t attempted a pushup since the first season of Living Single.

His words are on point like the pyramids he built and are to be respected by these so called Kweenz.

This was almost as damaging as when one of these DissRespctafied betrayers of the throne would dare screen shot and share when one of our Brothers In Power hit on her in private messages and when he was turned down, proceeded to threaten her with violence.

If she would take the White Man’s Pirate Patch off her third eye, she could see the romantic gesture in his following statements.

He threatened her to show her what type of man he could protect her from in the basement of his mother’s castle until he gets promoted and she lets him rent a room upstairs again.

This has to stop.
If we don’t get these women under control, they are all going to end up motivating and supporting each other.
Which only lead to a pan(afrikan)demic of getting their own apartments and houses without Kangs in them to make it a proper a castle.

And what’s a Kween without a castle???

A woman.
She’s just a woman, living her life and pursuing her goals without the Royalty we bring to the table that has always done nothing but make their lives better.

By William J Jackson.



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