Timothy Bradford: Champion For The Black Community – By Phoenix Calida.

Idk if irony is the right word, but I can’t help but notice the layers of this. outspoken boots on the ground activist Timothy Bradford was assaulted by police last night for daring to protest trump and trump’s rabid and racist fans.

Timothy has a long history of protesting police violence and defending the black community. He also has verifiable history supporting black women. In fact, he was wearing a rekia boyd t shirt when cops tried to lynch him.

So a black man who protests police violence and fights against racism was jacked up by cops for engaging in a protest to stop a racist from speaking, while wearing a shirt bearing the name of an unarmed black person murdered by police. Layers of racism.

Watch the media carefully, and don’t fall for the lie that protesters are the villains here. The police are the problem. Violent trump fans are a problem.
Timothy is not the problem. Neither is any other protester that tried to make the world a little better last night by standing up for the community.

We constantly hear about black on black crime, how the poor are the problem, how the youth aren’t invested in where the country is headed, how certain elements of society are a threat. Last night ‪#‎chicago‬ disproved all of that. But we’re still being made the scapegoats for defying the order of things. Protesters ruined the event, got too loud, made police feel threatened, made ‪#‎trump‬ fans scared.
Im not shocked the media portrayed it this way. Just remember what really happened, who was on the right side of history last night.



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