Unfriendly Friending – By Phoenix Calida.


Cause when you’re white and unfriend your racist uncle, guess who still has to Deal with him??
Every black person on the comment threads on black lives mater posts.Phoenix Loco

When you block your homophobic former college roommate, guess who he has more time to harass?
Right, people trying to plan pro lgtbqia events.

When you’re cis and you unfriend your random fb buddy because they misgendered Caitlyn, you’re just giving them more time to harass the Trans community.

Don’t block your sexist coworker on twitter when you know he’s just gonna troll random women online.

Stop abandoning conversations because they tire you or stress you. They make us tired too, but we are relying on you to show solidarity to help us out.

Remember, solidarity is an action

And collect your f*cking people.



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