Just Doing Her Job – By Phoenix Calida.

Answer to a question in my inbox-

“What do you think about the kim Kardashian situation? Are you going to make it a podcast segment?”

um. No. Because I don’t actually care.
Obviously slut shaming is bad. Obviously women are entitled to be sexy post partum.

But I don’t find kim to uplifting or inspirational. Imo, She didn’t post those pics because she was having a genuine moment of feeling herself. It was a contrived and manipulated cry for attention. She only goes viral when doing something with her body, because that’s the character she’s created- and she gets paid millions to do it.
When she’s been out of the trending tags too long, she wears a see thru skirt when pushing her baby in a stroller. She poses for playboy. She “breaks the Internet” by modeling her nude ass on a magazine cover. She posts nude bathroom selfies.

This photo wasn’t a mom feeling good post partum, this is a business person who has a job description of “get the most clicks by being sexy and controversial online”

Plus honestly… she’s richer than most of us will be. She has first name recognition. She gets 127 presents for her husband at Christmas. She’s alright.

I’d rather focus on women and girls who are body shamed into low self-esteem and eating disorders, not reality star celebs that show faux outrage after being slut shamed bc they posted a pic that they knew would cause controversy and slut shaming in the first place.

And let’s be real, her ploy didn’t help *any* of us. Her fans and the press only reinforced the idea we can’t shame kim. But that protection, media attention, and discussion isn’t also given to women of color. If a black woman has responded like kim, she’d just be written off as an angry thot. And probably fired because regular folks in straight jobs cannot post nude pics online without having their lives ruined.

Tldr? Kim doesn’t need my voice to help protect her. I don’t like using resources for those above me on the social ladder when other people actually need them.Phoenix Loco 3


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