Joy-Ann Reid Won’t Let You Talk About White People Like That.

Joy-Ann Reid, as a remaining (bobble) talking head and a black face “in a high place” at the establishment corporatist, MSNBC was enlisted to go out in full Mammy Mode ( #MammyMode ) to hold the hands of offended white people because that mean old Jewy Socialist didn’t articulate is response to the disingenuous, obligatory black question as well as white feelings would want him to. joy-ann-reid.jpg

In his riff, he tossed in the word “poor”.

HOW DARE?!?!?!?

Well, Mammy Reid jumped to her twitter immediately to set the record straight that whites peoples cans bes alls like poor n’ stuff too. I watched as the naive, Clintonian, Obamacrats went to share “articles” that simply pointed out she made the tweets and linked to them, because this is how you get back at those darn “#BernieBros”, gosh dang it.

In the current state of our free market of ideas, we have white people rushing to find ways in which they are not privileged and Bernie’s gaff was the perfect moment to latch onto.

And with the anti 4th amendment Melissa Harris Perry, gone, and in a fake way, “keeping it real”, well, Joy-Ann got her chance to hold these soft, delicate white hands and tell them “it’s okay, baby”.  “I knows you done growed up just as po’ as dem black folk did”.

Add this to White Feminists (TM) narrowing the whole debate down to Bernie interrupting HIllary’s interruption, because for some reason This multi millionaire that has had a heavy hand ruining millions of black lives in her path because career needs to be protected by them.  If that’s your feminism, then your feminism is white supremacy and feudalistic.

With these powers of deflection combined, the Democrat party is sure to throw away the support of us independents that won’t see anyone worth voting for if they institutionally give us the choice between a Republican in public and a Republican behind closed doors.


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