Does White Supremacy Really Hate Bill Cosby???

So Malcom Jamal Warner is running his mouth about Cosby and Allen.
Money Money Money.Malcos.jpg
Enough of the people that those who would have made money from them  carrying and airing Cosby programming said “NO” and those capitalists figured the investment isn’t worth the return.
With Allen, that core source of income said… “we cool with it”. So they kept making money off it.
We’ve gone over this before.
Honorary Republican member of the Gingrich Congress, Rush Limbaugh immediately stood by Good Boy Bill because coons have political value.
Neo Confederate, Post John Birch, Southern Libertarian, Alex Jones brushes off the topic of Cosby’s actions and says he’ll wait to hear more. He doesn’t want to throw the Tar Baby out with the bath water because coons have political value.
For over 120 consecutive minutes, the producers and talking heads at fox news, joked about how it should be easy for the lawyers to get Cosby off because ‘these broads be lyin’ n’ shit’.
The staff at fox news; when not joking, complained that this shouldn’t even be happening and they’re only doing this to be the statute of limitations. They defended Professor Pound Cake because coons have political value.
Evangelical revisionist and leading voice of the American Family Association, Bryan Fischer simply used it as a spring board to complain about gay people… again. He wouldn’t even go into further commentary on the Upward Pants Puller because coons have political value.
Ex CNN host, Ex Fox News Host and now successfully runs The Blaze, Glen Beck (Beckerhead) said the Associated Press “raped Bill Cosby” by asking him about rape. He put his Ex Catholic, now Mormon voice behind Pill Cosby Himself because coons have political value.
So let’s be clear, Mr. Warner. (“let me be clear”)
If there was a clear projected profit in carrying and/or airing Cosby’s content, the capitalists would have gosh darn did it.
To not carry it was a business decision.
White supremacy in general is perfectly fine with Bill Cosby.
Because Coons Have Political Value.
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