Blackademic Misleadership – By Phoenix Calida

Let’s keep it real-


You don’t get to be mad at black people who take cues from popular culture, think beyonce and Kendrick are revolutionaries that made the most lit ‪#‎bhm‬ EVER, share political memes without fact checking, don’t know what communism is, have never heard of rape culture or misogynoir, believe rape myths and race myths, cannot eloquently articulate about police brutality, have horrible financial practices,
and generally run around being misinformed-

If you yourself are not willing to share your education and/or resources with the public.

Everything you know- from being able to give an impromptu discussion on communism vs socialism, retirement planning, how to dress professionally at a white collar job, to how rape myths affect ability to prosecute rapists, to how the school to prison pipeline impacts public education in black neighborhoods you learned from your ability to find teachers within academia.

Not all of us have access to those resources. We don’t understand your jargon, we don’t understand your academic language. You are excluding the people you should be helping. You’re not a revolutionary, you’re not an inspiration. You’re an elitist and ish isn’t cute.IMG_0003

you wanna be mad because black celebs are basic af but defied? Well ok, when is the last time you hung out with some hood ass black women and told them you like their hair? their dance moves? You offered ideas or resources without condescending? You gave ideas and resources of how to fight back against racist school policies that affect our kids?

What are you doing for the black community outside of creating ivory tower theory? How does your theory help us? What good is theory about police brutality when we’re literally dying on the streets every day?

Stop being a hypocrite by pointing out that black public schools are underfunded and failing but only speaking in an academic way as if every black person has post secondary degrees in social justice, political science, economics and gender studies.
Stop being an elitist douche nozzle.



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