Can White Women Practice Sexism On Men Color?

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Hey gang.
Let’s dig into this topic.
We intentionally did not go over it before the show so the conversation would be 100 percent natural.
Beyonce has taken a lot of heat for her new song “Formation,” which critics claim has an anti-cop message. Some Tampa Police officers might agree, if the request to work her upcoming Tampa concert is any indication. No one has agreed to do it.

Kids in the U.K. sent some love to those who need it most for Valentine’s Day.

A group of students from Merchant Taylors’ School recently wrote sweet letters of compassion to homeless people as part of the project Wrapping Liverpool in Love.

2 L.A. cops charged with repeatedly raping, ‘preying on’ vulnerable women

The woman was walking her dog in Hollywood one day in 2009 when the Volkswagen Jetta pulled up alongside her. Two men inside the car allegedly ordered her to climb in.

She complied. She had to.

The men were police officers.

Despite the undercover car, the woman recognized them as veteran Los Angeles Police narcotics officers. They had arrested her before.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage weighed in Thursday on the pitched political battle over the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia. In a break from Republicans running for the White House, the governor  said that Obama should put a name forward for the Senate’s consideration.

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