Bonding Over Body Parts – By Phoenix Calida

White women exhaust me.
I don’t like hillary clinton. She’s racist af, she’s basically a moderate republican, and she doesn’t promote ideas that will actually help poor people or poc.

My dislike isn’t rooted in misogyny. It’s rooted in watching her history of criminalizing blackness, making the poor go deeper in debt and generally sh*tting on anyone beneath her tax bracket.

Miss me with the being annoyed about having a uterus comment.

The actual misogyny in this case is the fact she expects women of color, especially black women, to vote for her after she decimated our communities, called our babies super predators, f*cked up Libya and destabilized Haiti and god only knows what else.

How dare anyone expect me to vote for this woman because we have some of the same anatomy.

I may have a uterus, but I’m also black af, and that white woman ain’t here for me.

F*ck this white feminist thinking that gender is the last hurdle. Gender equality don’t mean ish when racism and classism exist, cause poor woc *are still women* who will never see this “equality” they try to sell.

Eff hillary and her damn uterus too.

Phoenix Calida
-Uppity Negress-
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