What are these things we call feelings?!

To Be a Better Butch!

I can recognize 1/64th the gradation of a color shade, or in a measurement. I can determine the spacial outcome of hundreds of deconstructed shapes and diagrams. But when it comes to feeling emotions from an inner experience it is like my staring at a blank page in a book that millions of people love to read.

I have long since come to realize that I experience emotions as colors, or flavors upon my tongue, and even textures. When I am able to relate to them this way I can pick up the slightest change and definition of them. Just like the slightest gradation of shape or measurement. Like that split second where rotting meat actually becomes putrid. Not the slow descent into or out of but that instant that the tables turn. I can appreciate the grandeur and peace in that first dawning moment that light breaks the dark…

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