#TalkToYourHomeBoys 1. Feb 6, 2016 9pm EST

#TalkToYourHomeBoys 1. Feb 6, 2016 9pm EST

Hey gang.
Misogynoir Exposed is a subsidiary of Wine Cellar Entertainment and is hosting it’s first Simulcast to push black men to talk to each other about Intraracial Oppression.

We will be hosting a simulcast so you can tune in to the audio broadcast via our podcast hosting link here. TTYHB Live Show And Chat Room

The video broadcast of the program will be available here. #TalkToYourHomeBoys google plus, Youtube link

  Phoenix Calida Of The Reading In The Shade Blog put together an outline of the issues we need to get up and running.
These topics are not just for this episode of the Wine Cellar. We want black men to continue talking to each other about these things between these events.


Blaming black women for social ills.

Pretending black women get pregnant by themselves.

Saying single black mothers make boys effiminate (as if that’s a bad thing anyway)

Let’s tackle the question of, why a black male that achieves success despite systemic poverty is a self made man, while men who don’t achiev are foiled or held back by black women.

If black women are holding back the community why are we requested for manual labor in marches and protests?

When you are saying these things about black women do you understand how much you sound like Ronald Wilson Reagon.

Street Harassment.

Why are black men still pretending it’s not disrespectful to yell at a woman from a car?
How do we know you aren’t the one who will murder us when we turn you down?

If you don’t want to be lumped in with #allmen do this, then why aren’t you being the one saying something to your homeboys when they do?
What’s the deal with thinking that you are entitled to a woman’s time, like she needs to change the schedule of her day for you.

Stop worrying about being the odd guy out speaking against street harassment with your homeboys.

If every guy that sees this messages, shares it and puts in practice, sooner than later, the guy who commits harassment will be the odd guy out.

Boys harassing girls in school is an early form of this.

You can join the facebook event and use that as an extra chat space here.

Talk To Your HomeBoys facebook event
Share this and tag folks that you want to be involved in this and use the hashtag #TalkToYourHomeBoys


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