We Need Reparations For That

True reparations would have to cover so damn much.
It wouldn’t just be to compensate labor of the chattel days.
There’s the invading and continued occupation of Africa.
The ongoing apartheid state there.
The multiple holocausts.
The Zoos… Yes, Zoos where African people were on display as animals.
Let me center on this continent though.
Reparations3So we go from the chattel era to sharecropping and Jim Crow.
We need reparations for that.
When we did “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”…
Well… Maybe you’ve heard of Black Wall Street.
We need reparations for that.
Not being allowed to own land.
Klan Terrorism.
Medical experimentation.
Burned Churches
Destructing the Black Panther Party For Self Defense.
The war on (some) drugs.
The crack epidemic.
We need reparations for that.
White Flight and Gentrificationwine pro 2
3 strikes law.
Mandatory minimums.
Police brutality.
Police rape.
Planted evidence.
Cold blooded murder by cop.
Political prisoners.
Solitary Confinement.
We need reparations for that.
Clinton’s welfare reform (the fact that welfare was needed at all)
Unequal suspension and expulsion from school.
Lead poisoning via paint and more recently exposed but not new, with water.
Getting blocked from voting polls and having black areas locked up in tightly gerrymandered districts.
We need reparations for that.
For everything from initial contact up to right now and tomorrow.
If this conversation goes it’s logical conclusion based on over 5 centuries of facts, all the wealth of the European ownership class on this continent would have to removed from there possession and allocated to institutionally healing the people of African decent.
This conversation can go further and it’s the type of thing we tackle without hesitation or apology on our program.
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