Phoenix Calida Gets Gang Raped By Police, So Lachrista Greco Declares Herself Bullied And Quits Intersectionality


In moving forward with Blackness, a very important thing is to get away from toxic, self serving White Feminists (TM) and their blatantly supremacist ways.

olive girl 5

For over 2 years, White Feminist (TM), Lachrista Greco had been enjoying the free labor a poor black woman to boost her own brand and name. She was very well aware that this black woman is struggling with health and poverty.  There’s been more than enough to monetarily compensate the work, but Lachrista preferred to “lol” about it and change the subject.

When the opportunity arrived to meet with a consulting firm that would help them get grant money, Lachrista Greco was confronted with critique of how she ran her public facebook page.

She hung up on the call.
Then rejoined the conference, in full white tears, telling the consultant that he can’t ‘tell her things’.

Essentially, Lachrista Greco threw the grant money away, knowing that Phoenix Calida was in desperation.

Seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, Phoenix typed up a letter of resignation and submitted it to Lachrista.

Now this is where we see the behavior show us a very dark and insidious person.

Lacharista proceeded to block Phoenix Calida and anybody black that was close to her in the social networks.  From there, our White Feminist (TM) published a lie about Phoenix Calida to an audience of 70,000, saying that Phoenix “sided with the white man” essentially calling this black woman a coon.

Seeing that she was being publicly slandered by this privileged white woman in a very public space, Phoenix resorted to publishing an incredibly honest post with information that Lachrista cold heartedly brushed off.

Phoenix Calida telling the truth.

Phoenix spoke of resorting to dangerous, street based sex work as a primary safe clients were all out of town.  She made it known that she’s been gang raped multiple times by Chicago Police while trying to earn money for her much needed medication while Guerrilla Feminism took her labor and sat on a budget of $10,000.


she's bulliedlala lie 4Phoenix also made sure to publish screen shots of her telling Lachrista Greco that she was in financial desperation.

Phoenix Calida hosted a podcast episode to tell her side of the story in audio.
The Guerrilla Feminism Plantation.

lala lie 5

Lachrista Greco, in classic white supremacist fashion grew very angry with this and declared that she was being “bullied”.

That’s right… “bullied”.

This White woman, from a two parent middle class household with a masters degree is being bullied by a poor black woman who was recently gang raped by cops on the side of the street in Chicago.


To add insult to injury, Lachrista Greco sent her  second in command, Courtney Alexander to take away some more of Phoenix’s intellectual property and labor by taking her Chicago Branch page, which due to Phoenix’s effort was the most followed branch page of Guerrilla Feminism.

Toward the end of January, White Feminst (TM) Lachrista Greco pulled the trigger on intersectionality and decided she’s no longer intersectional.

But considering how this white woman of Class, Familial, and institutional privilege never actually was.

Extra screen shots.
Lachrista’s Original lie post.
never knewlala lielala lie 2lala lie 3

Greco 2


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