Voting is (a form of) Activism. Here’s why.

Reading in the Shade

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Voting is one of my staple forms of activism. I engage in the political process, not because I think the system works, but because I am painfully aware the system is broken.

I don’t vote because of nostalgia or legacy, so please don’t encourage me to vote by using guilt or coercion tactics. Telling me black people died for my right to vote doesn’t get me to the pools, it just makes you an asshole.

I do vote, but it has fuckall to do with the “respect for those who died” argument.

Black people didn’t die for the right to vote, they were murdered because they were black and pissing off the white establishment. It wasn’t the idea of casting a ballot that infuriated racists; it was the idea black people dared have autonomy and opinions.

Being killed for voting isn’t a badge of honor in world where being black…

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