#OscarsSoWhite – Earth So White.

Nah, homey.
Earth So White.
The Oscars are a microcosm of white supremacy.
You can get a black person in the Oscars but you still have white supremacy.
You can get a black person in the White House and you still have white supremacy.
We have a black police chief out here and the cops still crack black skulls.
Cities have black Governors and still have systemic black poverty.
Rock and Rap were black and White supremacy got that shit too.
BET is owned by white people.
It’s not just #OscarsSoWhite.
It’s Congress So White.cropped-wine-pro-1.jpg
Corporate CEO’s so white.
Ownership class so white.
NRA so white.
Shit man,… even Intersectional Feminism so damn white (or olive).
Europeans (for the most part) stopped fighting as much with each other while forcing themselves upon the rest of the globe and eventually banding together under the sociopolitical identity of White.
With capitalism and adjacent social constructs, this collective has acted together in unison to position and uphold this group as supreme.
It’s not just #OscarsSoWhite.
Conservatism So White.
Liberalism So White.
Environmental Destruction So White
And… Environmentalism So White.
Shit man… even with colorism. Blackness is so damn white (or team lightskin)
The macro umbrella of white supremacy is the problem, along with the sub-systems that uphold it.
The Oscars are a symptom, but not the sickness.
I play my part on a small scale in the city I’m in.
Rhetorically, Phoenix and I put our effort forward with the podcast and these social media posts.
We do this along with our #BlackPack network of content creators.
If you’re also doing what you can, your effort is relevant and needed.
We aren’t the only ones.
There are more folks with larger microphones and access to more resources.
It’s not hopeless and it’s not over.
The Oscars will come and go.
And as we move forward, we still have a larger situation of #EarthSoWhite.

Thank you for reading this.

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