We can’t ignore when it hurts.

Going into 2016 this David Bowie story is a good place to practice our Social Justice For Adults conversations.

One thing that the fans seem to dislike is that some of us are pointing out and talking about the pedophilia

In the organic body of society, we need the nervous system to feel pain and know when something is wrong.  This sends a signal  to the brain which is where the public conversation is going on and decisions are made.
Without the nervous system telling you that the bone is broken…
That there is a splinter in the finger which may become infected…
That flesh has been cut, torn or burned…


That pedophilic acts and practices are being normalized…
That there is street harassment…
That we have police brutality.

If we turn off the nervous system. the problem will fester and spread to affect the rest of the body.

Pain hurts and we don’t like to feel it.
But it’s better to address the cause of the pain and solve it instead of just wanting the nervous system to shut off.


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