2016. Social Justice For Adults.

Hey gang.
Thank you for checking us out and sticking with us for over 350 episodes.

We’ve gone into 2016 setting the tone for our social justice converations.

If you don’t know by know, we’re about Social Justice For Adults.

We’re about taking our disagreements head on and living to carry the conversation for another day.
If you think, I’m doing a “call out”. I’m not. I’m just publicy stating what I thnk about someone and why I disagree or why I think they’re a complete weirdo.

In the Wine Cellar, we acknowledge Social Dissonance and engage in a critical analysis of justice.

This is going to be a super sized 3 hour episode.
Ricky of Americans United Again will be on for the Social Justice Bullies aspect and Rashanii of Single Simulcast will be here for the Saturday show that we already do.

Going forward into this year, we also need to reach our goal of 200 dollars a month in Patreon subscribers so we can have a publicly funded website that can’t be reported by trolls that want to shut us up.

They won’t be able to get us banned for 3 days or 30 days.
They won’t be able to get our pages and/or accounts shut down and disconnect us from the folks that we’ve formed productive connections with.

Here is the link to the episode that will be archived and available anywhere that you can download or stream a podcast.


We need your subscription at this link.
Dont think those one time paypal donations don’t help. feel free to kick over what you can here.

We’ll take a quick look at these clowns over at the Honey Badgers who are still on that #GamerGate nonsense. and more.


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