Don’t Feed The Basic.

Don’t Feed The Trolls.
I know, right???

This one is generally understood as the troll is an intentional time burglar.

The troll is bored for the moment wants to play with you.
Ignore the troll. Talk around the troll. Block the troll.

We understand the troll game and don’t fall for it anymore.

There is another hungry time burglar though.
A hungry time burglar that will only hang around as long as you toss it scooby snacks.

This is the Basic.

Just as with the troll, the basic is stealing, your time and energy.

The difference between the troll and basic is that the troll is coming in hardcore and making it very obvious that they know they are here to steal.
They make it clear that they intend to be obnoxious and annoy.
One can never actually know how aware or educated the troll is because troll isn’t there for the conversation.
The troll is there to play.

The Basic.

The Basic doesn’t think it’s invading.
The Basic thinks it’s a settler. Colonizing if you will. Don't feed the basic

The Basic says things that are rooted in systemically oppressive conventional wisdom.
The Basic liberally uses colloquial dog whistles without realizing why they were taught this rhetoric.
The Basic asks questions that aren’t in class with the crowd that is discussing any of many topics/issues/news stories.
The Basic will ask a question about C-F while the conversation has matriculated to Q-T.

The logical response to being faced with the Basic is to treat it as the troll with one difference.

This is only if you have A LOT  of time and patience.

Tell the Basic, that you won’t be engaging them right now, but feel free to join the friends list and slowly work the details over time.

If that isn’t for you, it’s not your fault and you aren’t being mean.

Take care of yourself first and Don’t Feed The Basic.

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