Henry Greene Is A Black Man That Wants Black Women To Get Raped.

Meet Henry Greene. Hengry Green 3

Handsome lad, ‘eh

He considers himself to be “old school”. Really. He does.

Hengry Green 5

To our understanding, his language of gender binary speaks more to what he’s been socialized to think are the gender roles that must be filled or…


As he puts it, we’ll fall into a perpetual state “Shit funny”.

We understand our sweet, dear Greene.  To live in a “Shit funny” world would clearly cause the collapse of society and we might even revert back to single cell organisms.

Throughout his internet travels, this stunning attractive, seductively articulate man of a unique beauty that is all his own attempted to bestow his presence upon a woman he found worthy.

But… Shit Got Funny.
Hengry Green 2

You’ll do better next time, Henry.

It’s her loss. Hengry Green 4

Keep dropping that “Old School” knowledge and taking selfies.
Someone will wise up and appreciate what you bring to the table someday.

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