Henry Greene Has A “Sensitive” Response To His Own Pro Rape Attitude.

Handsome henry

Handsome Henry Is Back.

He came to our inbox at Misogynoir Exposed to hash it out behind closed doors which is where one might expect an abuser to keep such activity.
Maybe that’s why he was so displeased with his private actions being put on the front porch.

Gotta love how he thought he was going to put in some serious detective work and crack a case that he imagined into existence.

Henry back 1

He proceeds to overestimate his value to my/our daily goings on.

Henry back 2

Henry back 3

And here we get a glimpse into the pace of the anger problem.

Henry back 4

It appears that being told how much he doesn’t matter let go peacefully doesn’t sit well with Handsome Henry.

Henry back 5

Then he lays on the charm real thick.

Henry back 6To which we say goodbye again. Henry back 7


Misogynoir Exposed is a subsidiary of the Wine Cellar.


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