#BlackSignal – We need to investigate everything #Holtzclaw was involved in.

it’s time to let the leadership class know that there are more of us than them and we aren’t done with ‪#‎Holtzclaw‬.
City Mayor
Mick Cornettinvestigate all
200 Walker, 3rd floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
405-297-3759 fax
Twitter @mickcornett

Sen James Lankford
Twitter: @SenatorLankford

Oklahoma City
1015 North Broadway Avenue
Suite 310
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: (405) 231-4941
Sen. James Inhofe
Twitter: @InhofePress
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/jiminhofe
Oklahoma City, OK:
1900 NW Expressway St
Suite 1210
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Main: (405) 608-4381
Fax: (405) 608-4120
Google spreadsheet of state reps.
We’ll have news and comment as well, but it’s time to put up the‪#‎BlackSignal‬.
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In The News:
E.W. Jackson Is Back and cooning hard.
White Christian charged in California Mosque Arson.
Alex Fierro, a 10 year old member of the Wukchumni (Yokut) tribe stands up to White Supremacy.
US town rejects solar farm after residents say it would suck up all the sunlight
Indiana man too scared to carry gun — or leave his house — after felony charge for shooting at shoplifters
Link to episode.


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