White Privilege VS White Supremacy By Phoenix Calida

Has anyone Said it yet? I’ve been looking and waiting but haven’t seen anyone note the self destructive nature of white supremacy and Abby.

Affirmative action helps white women more than anyone, and yet Abby is happy throw white women as a class under the bus because she can’t have a degree from her chosen school.

Nobody ever talks about how individual white people use white supremacist rhetoric on a personal level to fuck up other white people. The entire idea of white supremacy is to coddle white feelings, talk about how white people are entitled to what they didn’t earn, to give white people more than they deserve.

white supremacy is an ideology that teaches white people they deserve anything and everything they want as individuals.

But what happens when white supremacist individuals fail at getting what they want? They Use the white supremacist system and their own sense of grandeur to fuck with other white people. Nobody is safe under white supremacy- not even other white people.

Oh we can’t own slaves? Let’s go to war and fuck up entire country.
remember when that happened? White people would rather murder each other than not get their own way.

White fragility focuses on the individual and teaches white people they’re entitled to everything they want, see, or desire. And when their privilege fails them, they would rather ruin an entire system and hurt everyone than do without. The selfishness is off the charts.

Hey white people, you might feel safe now, because you’re white privilege protects you, but just wait. When there aren’t other poc around to torture, white ppl turn on each other. You’re NOT safe- It’s Just not your turn yet.

So yeah we make jokes about Abby being white and mediocre, but do we realize how much damage one mediocre white person can cause to an entire system because selfishness is praised more than selflessness?


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