The Circular Firing Squad Of Society.

The starting point is manufactured social hierarchy and oppression.
It should not be the ending point.

If you are a man and the information you receive on what women deal with from other men, the words are filtered through a screen of sexism.

In the context of America, if you are not Native and your information comes from non Native folks, the vision will be blurred by the dirty lens of colonialism.

If are not Black and you learn about Black people from another non Black person, the food for thought will be tainted with anti-blackness.

If you are Cis and everything you know about your fellow humans who are not Cis came from other Cis people, it can be destroyed by the wrecking ball of irrational, illogical fear, regarding folks that aren’t Cis.

If you are not poor and you turn to the economically privileged to learn about the systemically impoverished, Swift, classist presuppositions will prove to be inescapable.

The starting point is manufactured social hierarchies  and oppression.

When you move away from that starting point, make sure to include marginalized people to avoid circling back around to the starting point.

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