IMuslim Lives Matterslamaphobia.

We’re past that stage now and dealing with the effects.

If you follow the news and know that something other than Trumplestiltskin is happening then you know that….

A Muslim center was firebombed.
A little Muslim girl was beat up.
A black woman wearing a scarf because it was cold was assumed to be Muslim and got jacked up.
Down the street from my old house a Muslim family’s home got shot up.
Feces smeared on the door knob of a Muslim center.
All the shit happening to Sikh folks like the woman who was forced to show her breast pump at an airport.

Of course the right wing is going to push for this shit, but we have it on the left and mostly due to these White Atheist dude-bros that think they’re being reasonable because they “hate all religion”.

Harris, Mahar, Tom, Cecil and countless others who fancy themselves to be these… “skeptics”, all systemically overlook one major factor.

White Supremacy and Racism.

There are white Muslims that rock the Muslim gear.

They are not getting harassed, jacked up and beat down.
White Supremacy is the position from which racism is practiced.
So if a group is seen as the enemy: In a color coded racial hierarchy, they are going to go by the color code when planning and performing these attacks.

White atheists and White Christians have inadvertently collaborated in the rhetorical propaganda push to make sure that is some sort of justification in this irrational, illogical fear.

The White Christians took on the belligerent side and played up emotion.
The White atheists took up the philosophical side and played up pseudo-intellectualism.

And anytime those of us that are considered the “far left”, the “SJW’s”, the “politically correct”, the “thought police”. spoke up…

When we spoke up.
When we pushed back.

Both sides of this dull coin shrugged away the polish and chose to push this forward and here’s the conclusion.

So… My dear, sweet skeptics.
The scientific method is that you make your assumption, you present your idea and test it.

These are the results of the test that you just had to conduct with real human lives.

These are the results.

And yet again… Those darn Social Justice Warriors were right.



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