#Holtzclaw vs Black Angelhood

I am the Greatest Black Atheist.

I was also forced to attend church in my teens.

One of the things that the church folks used to tell us was that the Christians who made it to heaven would be angels, but they would be held  in higher regard than the angels that were already there.

This, they said was because we’ve endured this life on Earth before earning our way into Heaven.

I was doing show prep and scrolling through my Tumblr feed for any stories I may have missed in other news feeds and sources.

I saw a link to a BBC article by Jessica Lussenhop titled, Daniel Holtzclaw trial: Standing with ‘imperfect’ accusers.  

This writer goes into her article pointing out that respectability politics are playing against the victims of serial rapist, Daniel #Holtzclaw.

The main argument against them and main reason why the case is being ignored is because these aren’t women and a girl that society at large has been taught to value. black angel

Self Medicating
Has Criminal Record.

These women and the girl are experiencing some of the worst that American White supremacy has to offer.
Some of the worst that Capitalism forces one to endure.
Some of the worst that cronyism leaves one to work with.
Some of the worst that patriarchy subjects one to be faced with.
Some of the worst that Misogynoir has pre-planned f
or every black body categorized as a girl/woman.

In the context of a Heaven with Angels: A status of being that a human may matriculate to, these victims of Hell On Earth are ones that are to be revered.
They are to be held in high regard for sticking around fighting through the muck and scum of cards that this horrific world has dealt them.

As the Greatest Black Atheist, I shall remove my hat and bow to these Queen Angels right here and right now. From me, they shall receive the respect and admiration for being the gravity bound spirits that are.
Right here.
On Earth.
In The Flesh.

We don’t have to wait until she’s a hashtag to #SayHerName.

So #SayHerName.

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