American Fascism – Why Is It Happening?

Right now in this moment: What do you think of when you hear or see the name, “Christopher Columbus”?

american fascism

What about “Founding Fathers”?
Or… “Fraternity”?

What do you think of when you hear about the troops, the soldiers, the “men in uniform”?

Right now, today, what do you think of when a headline starts with…
“A cop in *insert city* open fire and killed a….” and you have to click the link to see the rest of the headline and the article?

What seems to be the logical assumption of where that headline is going?

Further: Are you surprised anymore when throughout the course of a week with these headlines and stories that on Friday, a picture of a cop playing basketball with “urban youth” goes viral?

Let’s see…
If on Columbus you said anything other than words like “hero”, “discovered” and “brave”, that’s a problem for the system as is.

On Founding Fathers, If you didn’t say “enlightened”, “insightful”, “innovative”, that’s a problem.
If you said words like “slave owners”, “rapist”, “genocidal”, this goes directly against the much needed conventional wisdom of positive intent by those of the ownership and leadership class.

Fraternity.  hhmmmm
Did you think something along the lines of “nuanced debate”, “lifetime connections”, “brotherhood”, “community”?

No? damn.
Maybe you thought something like “privilege”, or “rape culture”, or “racism”.
This is also a problem as this is a fast track to those who will be in the ownership and leadership class following the footsteps of those Founding Fathers you aren’t too fond of.

And finally, the cop…
Let’s hope you didn’t think something wacky like the cop would shoot an unarmed black man.
unarmed black woman.
unarmed black child.
unarmed white teen.
…(whoa, white teen?)… yes

And gee whiz, let’s hope you didn’t think that the article might point to the fact that the person shot by the cop wasn’t even charged with a crime.

Or that they were handcuffed on the ground.
Or handcuffed in the back of the cop car.
Or not facing the cop with headphones on.
Or… just standing there with friends.

This bubbling collective consciousness is leading to a generation of Americans who are not only okay with a previously toxic word like “socialism”, but they can actually define it and discuss it publicly.

A generation that is more interested in taking to the streets than the voting booth.  They know what will remain the same with a republican or a democratic candidate in one of the (s)elected positions.

We see growing pockets of men of color who are against intraracial violence against women of color.

We have people classified and identified as white who actively and intentionally subvert white supremacy.

We have people of class privilege who are against the fundamentals of capitalism.

Collectively all of things are microcosmic systems that represent the macrocosm of the Imperialist Corporate State Of America.

These systems of oppressive faux-competition between those who are supposed to be the under class are crumbling as more of these folks find solidarity with each other and chose not to be divided anymore.

If they are not divided, they are not easily conquered and kept in their place as labor for the ownership and leader ship class.

For those of us familiar with what Christopher Columbus and his men wrote about themselves, America functions today with those exact intentions and actions by those men the moment they came in contact with their first round of victims.


From the woman beaten into submission by Columbus, to the cries of women and children on plantations.
From the Montgomery bus line to the barracks with those troops we’re supposed to support.
From the Fraternity we’re supposed to revere, to the transvaginal ultrasound forced upon a victim to make sure that punishment for not submitting is more rape.

From the native, to the negro, to the poor disposable white.
From the sword to the gun to the noose.
From the white sheets and hoods to the badge and baton.

From the coffee to the chocolate to the tobacco.
From the cotton to the wheat to the errand boy.
From the kitchen to the register to retail.

Too many people know this and inform others.

The people are in the streets and in social media clearly articulating what they want to change and why.

What do they want to change?

The system of oppression to a system of fairness and justice.
A system of inclusive social pragmatism.

Seeing as how this system of oppression is run by humans, it is having an organic and living response to proposed change.

The activists are a virus and the slow transitions are symptoms of illness so this living body of oppression is sending out the white blood cells of aggressive fascism to deal with the infection.

Some attacks are larger.
Some are smaller.

Let’s look at the virus of #BlackLivesMatter.

It entered the body on the night that a jury of George Zimmerman supporters saw that he’d be released.

It came back as Michael Brown lay, murdered on the concrete, in the hot, August sun for 4.5 hours.

First, those people clotted up and police pulled out the German Shepherds to intimidate them. Visual evidence of this got out and backlash was swift.
The body oppression sought to suppress these symptoms hard and fast. Rushing to the Pharmacy and slamming down all of the medicine available.
Mraps for the cough.
Tear Gas for the sneeze.
Rubber Bullets for the rash.
And a Klan march to help it sleep at night.

But the virus is in and spreading.
And each small pocket that is affected by it, follows up quickly with a localized fascistic response.
From #Mizzou to Harvard, to Cleveland, to Baltimore etc.

Where #BlackLivesMatter is active, fascism follows.

This goes to reproductive rights, so you get the response of a Supreme Court decision for Hobby Lobby, to rape disguised as an ultrasound. to fire bombs in the office of Wendy Davis.

From acid attacks, arson and a recent shooting and hostage situation around Planned parenthood.

Where the reproductive rights go, fascism follows.

15 dollars an hour.

America has always been and will always be an Imperialist, Corporate Slave State.

The Serf was required to labor for the Lord.

The Slave was required to labor for the Master.

The Proletariat was required to labor for the Bourgeoisie.

The Employee is required to labor for the Employee.
The Job. The Gig. The Company. The Corporation.

If the person designated as the Employee does not labor, there will be “compensation” with the unbacked currency of faith.

This currency that is to be exchanged for food and shelter.
Food of which grows from the ground, independent of grocery store owners.

Shelter of which groups and individuals can erect independent of an owned construction company.

Ownership and economic inequality being acknowledged and discussed publicly is problem to the organic body of oppression.

So what happens the symptom of an #Occupy protest pops up?

Here come the white blood cells. And they came in hardcore. Public Sexual Assault.  Beatings. Tasing. Knocking protesters BRAIN DEAD.

People of color: Standing together to demand that their (our) humanity be recognized and heeded to.

Locking arms with…

The Working Class:  Demanding that they have more to do with decision that are traditionally left to the ownership/leadership class.

Locking arms with…

Women across racial lines: Demanding Autonomy and privacy of their bodies and to plan their own parenthood if they should so choose to be a parent at all.

Day by day. Week by week. Month by Month. Year by Year.

We are removing the walls of division that the ownership/leadership class needs us to believe are natural and should be there.

We Know Better.
We’re getting stronger.

We understand that your logical move is to replace rank and file oppression with #AmericanFascism

And We’ll fight that shit too.

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William J Jackson
Fergusonian Negrotarian
William J Jackson


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