Why Are White People Saying #FuckParis – By Phoenix Calida

Alright folks.

Watch the details. Watch the facts. Then observe the lies.

History is being modified right in front of us. The facts are being revised to cater to white supremacy, and it’s happening whether we want it to or not. So what we need to do is take note of what the truth is how events went down and compare them. Keep your evidence. Keep your facts. Have your screenshots ready because they’re lying about us.
‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ started with when we fought back against white supremacy.

The black community wanted to talk about police brutality and domestic terrorism against black bodies in the United States. A few queer black women stepped up and made a hashtag- #blacklivesmatter. The tag became a rallying cry and the black community found a digital safe space to vent, heal, organize, and find solidarity.

White supremacy did not want to give us that space to grieve. White supremacy did not want us to demand accountability. Most of all, white supremacy did not want to stop killing us in the streets, in prisons, in our homes.
this led to slowly trying to convince the public that black lives matter movement was dangerous. They tried to push this lie any way they could. It started off saying that we were loud, rabble-rousers, and disrespectful. So in return, we pointed out that our predecessors headed peaceful protest in the civil rights movement and still had hoses and dogs turned on them.

They were’re still dragged out and beaten by white civilians and white police.
White supremacy tried to convince the world of another lie- the black lives matter protesters were violent. But we had photo evidence and video evidence of cops shooting at crowds, throwing tear gas, assaulting protesters.
Because that attempt failed they went a step further- they said we wanted to kill cops. They said #blacklivesmatter supporters were in crowds yelling for police to be murdered. They claimed we were saying we wanted police to be killed in the streets and that our core purpose was to kill police.

This lie was backed up by officers being shot, most notably the officer Gliniewicz fiasco. Remember him? The chicago area cop who claimed he was attacked by a black man? But it turned out he committed suicide? then it came out that the other attacks that police allegedly suffered at the hands of #blacklivesmatter “terrorists” were all intentionally crafted. Intentionally misleading lies. The cops had shot themselves solely so they could blame black people. #blacklivesmatter was maligned as a local terrorist org, until the truth came out- we were not affiliated. The cops shot themselves.

Now that the lie had been destroyed, white supremacy needed another idea how to find a a way to slander and scapegoat the black lives matter movement.

We Got taste of what would happen when officer coon got on fox news and said #blacklivesmatter was linked to isis.
Isis? Militant radical Islamic terrorists? It was absurd but people believed it. And now here we are with the attack in paris.
This attack in paris have given them the ability to blame the movement and claim they were right about our terrorist roots. And they’ve done it in the most basic of ways. White conservatives continued to ignore the actual terrorism inflicted on black and brown bodies, and instead tried to spread the lie that #blacklivesmatter hates white people so much, they celebrate white deaths with the hashtag ‪#‎fuckparis‬.

The white supremacy propaganda machine is trying to convince the world that both Islamic radicals and black people who oppose police brutality both support terrorism and murdering white people.
BUT…. watch the actual tweets. watch the actual facebook status updates. watch the actual instagrams posts. As of right now, over 90% of people using the #fuckparis tag are white people complaining fuck paris tho' about #blacklivesmatter, and black people as a whole.

White supremacy is so powerful that a few white men can claim an entire black movement is doing something, and the world believes them.

Even though there’s evidence and the lie is being crafted in real time in front of us, the world will fall for it. It’s easier to believe black people are so awful that we as a community would celebrate mass murder and terrorism than to fact check the truth.

The truth is black people- and certainly #blacklivesmatter- aren’t saying #fuckparis, the truth is white conservatives are saying #fuckparis. White conservatives are pushing for the right to continue to terrorize and kill brown and black bodies both at home and abroad. This lie is designed to stop black people from talking about the realities of white supremacy.
So who is celebrating paris? #blacklivesmatter? Have you seen proof of this? Who’s telling you it happened? A white blogger? Or black activists themselves?

The only question now is will you fall for the propaganda or will you look for the truth and see that #blacklivesmatter does not support terrorism in the form of a militarized police state or religious extremists?


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