‪#‎ParisIsBurning‬ – By FallenKittie


paris is burningWe’re not mad at the victims.

We’re mad that France gets a symphony of sympathy, support, and fucking filters when our oppressions (on [North] American soil) can’t get a sound bite or a goddamn.

We’re also mad that atrocities like this occur daily in non-white countries that no one can so much as nod at.

We’re mad that people’s instinctive reaction to voicing our anger is to police us, as if we’re downplaying the tragedy in France by being woke and acknowledging the pervasive propaganda that manipulates (and muddles) the mainstream.

We’re mad that people who’ve never set foot in France are empathizing and keen to the moral panic incited by Islamophobes.

We’re mad that people trip over themselves to show solidarity to France continents away when bodies of our brethren and sistren are strewn in the streets HERE by systemic violence and murderous racists people have limitless spoons for.

We’re mad you’re still caping for France and hashtagging hollow “we are one” epithets because you people do this every fucking time the media runs with a tragedy. You did it for 9/11. Your faves did it for ‘Nam – and not a goddamn one of you knows about My Lai. Your faves and inc. did it for Rwanda but didn’t say shit to present-day Sudan or hashtag “Never Forget” when the anniversary rolls round to mark the 100 days the rest of the world sat by idly and did NOTHING. You did it for Selma but don’t know shit about Mississippi or Red Summer.

You did it. You’re still doing it. You strum your kumbayahs and hipster sitars against the establishment when shit hits the fan – and argue that life is precious and police any or every contention.

THAT is why we’re mad. Our anger is valid – and the majority of feels with the watermarks are evidently disingenuous.

THAT’S why we’ll stay mad.




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