The Forest Of Oppression Must Be Watered With The Tears Of Privilege.

Many of us in and around Social Justice Circles are familiar with studies and writings about White Fragility.

We also tend to have an understanding of Fragile Masculinity.

No surprised that along with these is an awareness that when the poor stand together, the Rich/Wealthy call it “Class Warfare”.

Along comes the rhetoric, memes, plot devices and tropes.
Those that dehumanize the target to be suppressed, oppressed and silenced back into their place.

This is what we commonly refer to as Tears in and around our circles.

They whine and complain about what isn’t actually happening to them. They project. They lie. They embellish and deflect.

They’ll claim that cops are in danger of black people.
That white men must fear white women.
That heavily armed ‘Muricans could be ambushed by refugee children on a bus.
That women who seek abortion services are slave owners and murderers.
While… Men who watch them die of pregnancy related complications are “pro life”.

These Tears and many more. enrich the soil of suffering.
Fertilize the seeds of pain.
And continue growing the Forest Of Oppression for generations to come.

Social Dissonanace – A Critical Analysis Of Justice.


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