Tainted White Women Tainting All Over The Place…

Hive Mind: Reflections of Culpability and Change


Let’s see. In a room with about 35 other teachers at my grade level. Demographics of the room: one white man present, all else women. About three of the women are non white women, the rest (including myself) are white. The presenters: two white or white presenting women, one Latina woman.

Subject at hand: Choosing heroic people to study for a unit. We must not redo or pre-do people that K, 1st, or 3rd grades are doing. We need to pick five people.

I suggest we need to have most, if not all women of color in order to represent our students and avoid the constant redundancies of over-represented people (like Abraham Lincoln, etc.).

I cannot tell you how many people were VERY CONCERNED that we make it as equal as possible so that men were represented. No one dared to argue about the issue of race. (which is…

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