Prioritizing Shit

Hive Mind: Reflections of Culpability and Change

So, I really started to open my eyes because of an online atheist feminist group. I was always more awake than most, but this was the cherry on top, if you will. In the last couple years, I learned so many new things, developed more confidence, and with the help of therapy to deal with trauma, I was a new person.

I thought that because feminism, at its core, was a “half the population” kind of issue, that we really needed to address the inequities between men…and everyone else. You know, dismantle the patriarchy.

I think now that it’s far more complicated than this. Which is like whoa…it already seemed a shitty task. Yeah. Well. It’s worse than that…(Star Trek reference incoming)…”He’s dead, Jim!”

I spend more time writing and thinking and talking about racial inequities than most any other issue. Why?

Because, every single damn fucking day, this…This. Is…

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