Blackface: Why am I even surprised anymore?

Hive Mind: Reflections of Culpability and Change

Work friend posts an article regarding a teacher who got into some trouble when people discovered he’d dressed in blackface at a party. Her wording was…well…I couldn’t tell what she was presenting as her view.

I say something to her at work…thinking she was outraged. I mean, right?

She goes off on how it’s a double standard that black people can wear “whiteface” (because we even can suggest that being a thing), but white people are destroyed because of blackface. /rolls eyes

I tell her it’s harmful. There’s a power structure on one side and not the other. She is loud. She is vehement with her view. I am at work. It’s a school. I have made a basic point. She is NOT going to see it. Ugh

Why am I even surprised? This is the same person that suggested to me…no…not suggested, was ADAMANT that girls/women who dress a…

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